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Conversion Dually Flares

Conversion Dually Flares

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If you want to install a dually rear differential under a Dodge truck that has a single rear wheel differential you have 2 choices. If it is a long bed, you can replace the bed with a dually bed and we can provide reproductions of the original Dodge dually fenders. If it is a short bed or if your long bed is in nice shape, we can also provide new dually "half fenders" which attach to the original single rear wheel bed.

The half fender is fabricated in the same mold as the regular dually fender but has added modifications to make it attachable to the regular bed. A 1 ½" wide flange is added to the inside edge of the fender to provide attachment points.

When you receive the dually half fender, it will be primed with automotive primer. You will need to fill the gap between the fender and the bed with "kitty hair", which is Bondo impregnated with short strand fiberglass. There is too much variation between beds to get a "universal" fit.

To attach the fender:

  1. Mask off the side of the bed with blue painters masking tape.
  2. Temporarily position the fender at the correct place on the side of the bed and hold it there securely.
  3. Using a Bondo spreader, fill the gap between the edge of the fender and the side of the bed with Kitty Hair.
  4. After the Kitty Hair dries, remove the fender from the side of the bed and sand it flat.
  5. Prime the added material with automotive primer.
  6. Paint the fender the desired color.
  7. Add clearance lights and their wiring harness if desired.
  8. Re-attach the fender to the side of the bed using stainless steel screws going through the mounting flange using fender washers to distribute the load.
  9. For additional holding power you can add a thin bead of clear silicone caulk to the inside edge of the flange just before attaching the fender to the bed.

If this is done carefully, the result is a dually fender that forms closely with the side of the bed. There is no need to add the beading required with the regular dually bed. As you can see from the pictures, it gives you a super clean dually. You should check your tire clearance carefully if you have oversize tires. - Joe Leonard 8-09

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